Fee from Trainee Pilots :
@ Rs. 13,000/- per hour (C-172)
Fee for Simulator :
Single Engine @ Rs. 1500/- per hour
Multi Engine @ Rs. 3000/- per hour
Fee from Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Trainees :
@ Rs. 5000/- per Month.
Fee for flower dropping :
@ Rs. 50,000/- per task (including initial reccee) provided the total duration is One hour or less. For every additional hour or part thereof Rs. 30,000/-.
Renewal of Licenses :
@ Rs. 15,000/- per hour + Rs. 15000/- administration charge and Insurance.
Conversion of license: @Rs. 15000/- per hour + Rs. 40000/- towards registration fee, administration charge and Insurance


 The 1st instalment of flying training fee will be levied as given below:


Items Amount. (Rs)
Ground Class Fee (SPL, FRTOL,PPL,CPL) 1,00,000/-
Registration Fee 10,000/-
Administration Charge 20,000/-
Library Fee 20,000/-
Insurance Fee 20,000/-
Flying Fee for first 40 hours (Rs. 13,000/- per hour) 5,20,000/-
Pilot Kit 50,000/- or actual whichever is higher
Security Deposit 50,000/-
Commitment fee (Non refundable but included in the last instalment of training fee) 1,00,000/-
Total 8,90,000/-


Training Fee is to be paid in Five Installments as shown below:

1st Instalment Rs. 8,90,000/- at the time of joining.
2nd Instalment Rs. 5,20,000/- on completion of 40 hrs. of flying.
3rd Instalment Rs. 5,20,000/- on completion of 80 hrs. of flying.
4th Instalment Rs. 5,20,000/- on completion of 120 hrs. of flying.
5th Instalment Rs. 4,20,000/- on completion of 160 hrs. of flying (Rs. 5,20,000/- minus Commitment Fee of Rs. 1,00,000/-) and additional  Rs.4,05,000/-shall be paid if candidate   wishes  to do Multi Engine Training.

The revised fee structure will be applicable for the new batch of pilot trainees of 2023-24  batch.

# Simulator Training Charge shall be paid extra ie. Rs. 45,000/- ( 10 hours of  single engine , Rs.15,000/-) and 10  hours of multi engine ie.Rs.30,000/-).