Commercial pilot license (IR/ME)

Commercial pilot license (IR/ME)

Commercial Pilot License -CPL, benefits students to join airline companies as pilots. Our CPL training is rated as one of best in India, with our students working with major Airline Companies. Professional Pilot Course will qualify you as a Commercial Pilot. Special emphasis is placed on Instrument flying, cross-country flying, advanced commercial manoeuvres and terminals airspace. We operate at all international airport in Kerala and selected aerodromes in Tamil Nadu.


  • 10+2 or its equivalent with Maths, Physics
  • Age : 18 Years and above
  • Class 1 Medical
  • Police Verification


  • To exercise all the privileges of Private Pilot’s License
  • To act as PIC/Copilot of any aircraft (below 5700 kg/ otherwise completed the endorsement training)
  • To fly in IFR conditions (provided the pilot is IR rated)


  • 500 hours ground school
  • Books and training materials
  • 200 hours in Cessna 172 & Piper Seneca PA 34 consistently;
  • Split up of the hours as follows:
      • 20 hours of instrument flying in ground Simulator
      • 50 hours of solo cross country
      • 20 hours of instrument flying in aircraft
      • 15 hours on PA-34 aircraft(if endorsement is desired)
      • 10 hour night, 5 hours night solo